Ta, people.

Been ages since I posted anything, really.
Am doing what I enjoy, reading what I like, and head over heels in love. 🙂
In short, this is goodbye for now.
So long, then, until we meet again.


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Riddle Me This.

castle‘What do you fear, lady?’ he asked.

‘A cage,’ she said. ‘To stay behind bars, until use and old age accept them, and all chance of doing great deeds is gone beyond recall or desire.’

Not my genius. Prizes to whoever can tell me where this is from.


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Inheritance Cycle : Predictions, Wild Speculation and Wishes.

Yep, it’s Dragons on my mind, and how.

1. Galbatorix will die, of course. (Duh.)
Whether Eragon kills him in open combat, i.e Galby v/s Eragon & Saphira, or if E&S manage to break his power (appeal to their good hearts?:) )over the hearts of the other dragons and they combine to annihilate him or Shruikan eats his Rider up. Revenge! Blood and Gore galore. Yum.
2. Arya, Nasuada or Roran will be the next rider. Arya being the one would be a bit of a let down, (but most likely), I think. She has enough powers as it is. Nasuada would cause a lot of the pieces to fall into place. She becomes a Rider, Murtaugh cannot bear to kill her, and Luurve causes his true name to change. Brotherly hugs all round, and E need not worry about keeping his promise to Orik to kill the murderer of King Hrothgar. After all, M’s become a different man now. Roran – All the riders seem to be related. So..Shrug. Sounds weak to me. Plus could Roran be able to watch as Katrina ages? He’s more likely to become King of Alagaesia.
3. Roran’s and Katrina’s son, born on the last day of the war – the first baby to be born among the Varden in free Alagaesia( though for this to happen this baby would have to have an unnaturally long gestation period ) – becomes the first of the new generation of Riders, learning from whoever’s still left in Alagaesia. This is post war, though, and most likely will be in the epilogue, if there is one.
4. The two women E & S bless in Brisingr will have something important to do or someone to kill or someone’s life to save. Katrina’s?
5. Nar Garzhvog will die. Why? Just a hunch. 🙂
6. Rock of Kuthian. Hmph. Everyone’s heard of it, but no one knows just where and what it is. Something to do with the Forsworn’s dragons? E&S offer them redemption? I’m thinking along the lines of how Aragorn goes to the Valley of the Dead and calls them forth to battle on his behalf, and then sets them free. If Paolini does this with Eragon, the parallels will absolutely overwhelm the series.
7. The name of the 4th book will be the name of the new dragon.
8. Elva. Free at last, but at what cost? If Galbatorix can manage to get her on his side – after all, she is now directed only by her conscience. That would be an interesting mid book twist. Of course, she returns to the Varden in the end, and helps bring the Empire down.
9. Eragon leaves with Saphira and Arya and the other Elves for the Inheritance Cycle’s equivalent of the LOTR’s Grey Havens/West.
10. Jormundur dies. Orik lives.The 2 elf children die. Murtaugh.. to die or live?
11. The Name that the Razac say Galbatorix has almost found is the True name of the ancient language.
12. Eragon’s true name will have something to do with Wyrda! or/and Brisingr.

Lots of things I want to see more of in the 4th book –
: Angela. My favorite character. Death by mad rabbit, LOL. Who is she? Oromis says he met someone like her long ago, and she says she studied with Tenga. Just how old is she? Her reading the bones for Selena is probably what made her leave when she was pregnant with Eragon. So who is the blind beggar whose fortune she read?
: Galbatorix. So far all we have heard from and about him is via someone else. I hope we get to see in his head.
: The rest of the Dragons. Do they all have a sense of humour and are they as articulate as Saphira? 🙂
: Will Roran ever get that stone to rise?
: Solembum and Maud. Irreverent thought : Are werecats what you get when a werewolf bites a cat?

Thorta fricai. Speak, friend.


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To Kiss God on His Nose.

I want tTo kiss God on his nose kiss God on His nose and watch Him sneeze
and so do you.
Not out of disrespect.
Out of pique.
Out of a man-to-man thing.

Anne Sexton (1928-1974), U.S. poet. “Jesus Dies.”

Mood : Angry, but thinking clearly.

You need chaos in your soul to give birth to a dancing star.

— Friedrich Nietzsche

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Where does time go?

It’s been 8 months since I wrote – and so much has changed, and so much has stayed the same.

This is not an exuberant I’m back post, and I don’t know if  I will ever be back to blogging as I used to, but the writing urges are here again, and the best friend insists I write. “At least about my luurve life!” she says, and though I am not about to do that now, I hope I get to writing again, primarily because things seem to sort themselves out on the blog. Most of what I blog will be events past, but hopefully events present will find their way here too.

I’m rereading the LOTR series, and I find I love the book more today than when I read it first at 12.

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“Mademoiselle, est-ce que vous êtes perdue?”

Are you lost? he asks, looking at the map and me, crying over the wheel of my car.


“Oui.” Yes, yes, I say, and walk away, no particular destination in mind.

Foto Credit  : Doberdad

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I’m happy. In the kind of smile at the world, beam at everyone kind of happy. Epiphany, thine name art joy.
blueflowers1 No matter that I have heard this innumerable times,

Hope IS the thing with feathers –
That perches in the soul –
And sings the tune without the words –
And never stops — at all.
There is something so very utterly sad to face things without the hope that things might go well. But now,

Re : the Radio mess up,
& Beauty and the Beast’s playing. Time to dance, to twirl and come together, to reach out in the darkness to find joy, and that soaring hope.

In other news, ( and also cos this doesn’t merit a post, more like the other thing that cheered me up, ) S & R are Finally getting together. While I would normally not comment on this in the blog, this is just irresistible. The best friend says – Oh, so this is what unresolved sexual tension sounded like. Laughed so much I cried. He he. :-0
But I have to agree. It is exactly true, and so very apt. Those two were waiting to happen.
Oh. Oh! UST. Grin.

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